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  • Just a happy wall on my walk home that reminds me of Africa. 
It's #thelittlethings... amiright? 🌿
  • Adopted the sweetest, weirdest, clumsiest little baby pup this weekend, and I am SO in love with her. Welcome to the fam, Harper Gwin!
  • Adventure pal.
  • FOUR YEARS of dating this crazy, wonderful man. I'm SO lucky to have him by my side encouraging me, challenging me, making me laugh, and sometimes forcing me to do crazy things I probably wouldn't regularly do. 
It's been a weird, crazy, fun, exciting four years with Benjamin, and I'm thankful for every second of it. I'm also incredibly thankful for all of our friends and family who love us and support us each step of the way. ❤️ (also throwback to our long hair days hehe)
got to see my boy @chancetherapper tonight, and of course he killed it 👊🏼
  • Four years ago, I timidly showed up at Centennial Park's Swing Dancing, barely knowing many Nashvillians. That night, this hairy, outgoing guy asked me to dance, and we proceeded to run in a circle for 5 minutes (because we had no clue how to foxtrot). Who knew saying yes to a quick (pretty awkward) dance would lead to getting to date one of the craziest, most loving, most passionate humans in the world?! Really glad I said yes to a random guy asking to dance 4 years ago; it's been an adventure ever since. 💕💃🏼